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Effectiveness of the Believa NATURAL INTENSIV Care Cream

Study objective

The aim of this study was to evaluate the skin tolerance and cosmetic acceptability of the Believa NATURAL INTENSIV Care Cream in patients suffering from either psoriasis or eczema. In addition, the efficacy of the test product in regards to the reduction of itching, the reduction of redness and calming of the skin was evaluated.

Test institute

proDERM Institut für Angewandte Dermatologische Forschung, Schenefeld/Hamburgo. proDERM institute for Applied Dermatological Research

Summary of study results

The subjects used the test product, Believa NATURAL INTENSIV Care Cream for a period of 4 weeks for skincare on the body and face, twice a day. Before using on day 1 (baseline), and after the duration of use, a dermatologist carried out an objective evaluation of the skin of the participants. In addition, even the volunteers have assessed the condition of their skin, before and after the duration of use. In the final examination, the participants filled out a questionnaire to evaluate the effectiveness of the test product, specifically regarding the reduction of itching, and the reduction of skin redness, as well as the calming of the skin.

With the objective dermatological evaluation it was diagnosed that all participants tolerated the test product Believa NATURAL INTENSIV skincare cream “very well”. After four weeks of product use, the number of patients affected with symptoms such as redness, dryness, scaling and papules, compared to the baseline, significantly decreased, and a reduction of the intensity of neurodermatitis was diagnosed. In the subjective evaluation by the participants, a reduction, especially for dryness and tension, was detected.

The results of the questionnaire showed, that the effectiveness of the test product in terms of reduction of itching and reduction of skin redness, and calming of the skin, was answered positively by a significantly higher number, indicating that the participants were satisfied with the performance of the test product Believa NATURAL INTENSIV Care Cream, for the treatment of their eczema or psoriasis. The clear majority were in agreement that the test product relieves itching, reduces redness and calms the skin, especially on skin lesions.

More than 77% of the participants confirmed they would recommend the product Believa NATURAL INTENSIV Care Cream.

In summary the Believa NATURAL INTENSIV Care Cream showed a “very good” skin tolerance in patients with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. The clear majority stated that the test product, especially in the treatment of the lesions, relieved itching, reduced redness and calmed the skin.