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The principle of Believa NATURAL INTENSIV skincare

Many of the substances listed here will help to make a product look better, smell better and feel better on the skin. For healthy skin, this is certainly not problematic but for skin affected by eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, ingredients which could potentially irritate the skin should be avoided.

With the Believa NATURAL INTENSIV skincare range, the general approach is to avoid the inclusion of such skin irritating ingredients in the formulation.

Therefore the Believa NATURAL INTENSIV skincare line is:

  • FREE of dyes
  • FREE of parabens
  • FREE of preservatives
  • FREE of silicones
  • FREE of mineral oils
  • FREE of parafins
  • FREE of fragrances
  • FREE of PEG emulsifiers

This means, the basis for a good tolerability and efficacy is created and the skin can be supported in their natural processes. The carefully selected natural ingredients of Believa NATURAL INTENSIV skincare result in the unique active formula which soothe the skin, reduces redness and itching, and contributes to greater well-being and improved quality of life.