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Believa Review: Frankie Fancies


Frankie is a health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty blogger over at Frankie Fancies. She suffers from extremely sensitive skin and is prone to atopic eczema, spots and dryness.

Frankie kindly reviewed the Believa Natural Intensiv Care Cream & Body Lotion to help combat and relieve her eczema symptoms. In her quest to improve her skin, she’s always on the lookout for those hard-to-find, completely natural creams, lotions and moisturisers so we’re thrilled Believa hit the mark for Frankie!

frankies-fancies-imageSo what does Frankie think?


• I will absolutely be getting the body lotion and the care cream, they complement each other perfectly. I have been loving applying the body lotion in the morning and the care cream throughout the day (and before bed). The body lotion is a great all-over-body lotion and keeps my skin hydrated, whilst the care cream is great for soothing, moisturising and healing my drier and more eczema-prone areas.

• How fantastic to come across a natural skincare brand whose products make me feel pampered, as opposed to being covered in sticky, greasy, stinky cream.

Read the full Frankie Fancies review here

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